About the meeting

Life is a constant flow of electrons travelling via redox couples to their final destination. These redox reactions determine many, if not all, major cellular functions, and in our aerobic life style, oxygen is the final electron acceptor. Oxygen itself also regulates cellular signaling and metabolic pathways. The signaling role of oxygen goes by means of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are produced spatial and temporal within cells. These ROS levels are dynamically outbalanced by anti-oxidant systems, but excessive ROS production results in “oxidative stress” – a pathological condition associated with a wide variety of diseases. Oxygen and ROS are connected to cellular physiology and pathology via sulfur and metal chemistry, via direct oxidation reactions and through specific catalysis mechanisms. Today, still many questions remain unanswered. What are the specific redox pathways and how are they regulated? What are the levels at which redox signaling turns to oxidative stress? What is the link between the redox state of the cells and cancer? Are the ROS a cause or consequence of neurodegenerative pathologies? What is the main source of ROS production within the cell? Are the mitochondria a source of ROS or a sink? What is the current state of the technology to measure ROS-levels and what technology is still missing to answer these and many more questions? This conference aims at bringing together leading redox scientists from all over the world, young and experienced, with interests ranging from chemistry to biology, over bioinformatics to translational biomedicine. We will create an expertise mix of scientists from different disciplines, but with a common interest in redox biology to promote stimulating discussions and to increase our current understanding of the complex puzzle of redox regulation.

We look forward to seeing you in Russia!


Joris Messens


Vsevolod Belousov