Scientific program

Scientific program

EMBO Conference on Redox Biology

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Sunday July 16, 2017

19:30-20:30 Departure
20:30-23:00 Dinner – Getting together – Instructions


Monday July 17, 2017

07:30-09:00 Breakfast
Opening keynote lecture
09:00-09:30 Helmut Sies (Heinrich-HeineUniversity Düsseldorf) Redox Signaling and Oxidative Damage: The two Sides of Hydrogen Peroxide
09:30-09:40 Discussion
Session 1. Redox Biochemistry. Chair Cristina Furdui
09:40-10:00 Kate Carroll (The Scripps Research Institute) TBA
10:00-10:10 Discussion
10:10-10:30 Leslie Poole (Wake Forest School of Medicine) Peroxiredoxin classification approaches and the functional significance of decamerization in some classes
10:30-10:40 Discussion
10:40-11:10 Coffee-break
11:10-11:30 Elena Hidalgo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) H2O2 signaling through one- and two-components redox relays – bacterial OxyR and eukaryotic peroxiredoxin – Pap1
11:30-11:40 Discussion
11:40-11:50 Igor Asanovic ( Medical University of Vienna) Biochemical characterization of PNO1 and its involvement in the redox-regulation of the tRNA splicing
11:50-11:55 Discussion
Session 2. Redox signaling in plants. Chair Jean-Pierre Jacquot
11:55-12:15 Nicolas Rouhier (University of Lorraine) The chloroplastic glutaredoxin S16 : a plant-specific, two-domain protein with multiple biochemical properties
12:15-12:25 Discussion
12:25-12:45 Joris Messens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Protein cysteine redox mechanisms to cope with oxidative stress in plants
12:45-12:55 Discussion
12:55-14:00 Lunch
Session 2 (continued). Redox signaling in plants. Chair Nicolas Rouhier
14:00-14:20 Jean-Pierre Jacquot (University of Lorraine) Redox regulation of chloroplast enzymes: molecular and evolutionary aspects
14:20-14:30 Discussion
14:30-14:40 Maria Tossounian (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Arabidopsis thaliana GST Tau23 is redox regulated through disulfide bond formation and methionine oxidation
14:40-14:45 Discussion
Session 3. Mitochondrial redox regulation. Chair Jan Riemer
14:45-15:05 Johannes Herrmann (University of Kaiserslautern) The mitochondrial disulfide relay
15:05-15:15 Discussion
15:15-15:35 Anatoly Starkov (Cornell University) Scavenging of H2O2 by mitochondria
15:35-15:45 Discussion
15:45-16:15 Coffee-break
Session 3 (continued). Mitochondrial redox regulation. Chair Jan Riemer
16:15-16:35 Alexander Galkin (Queen’s University Belfast) Redox-dependent loss of flavin from mitochondrial complex I as a key event in ischemic brain injury
16:35-16:45 Discussion
Session 4. Redox stress and signaling in bacteria. Chair Katja Becker
16:45-17:05 Haike Antelmann (Free University of Berlin) Microbial redox-signaling mechanisms
17:05-17:15 Discussion
17:15-17:35 Brandan Pedre Perez (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Structural changes in Corynebacterium glutamicum OxyR reveal the redox mechanism of transcriptional regulation
17:35-17:45 Discussion
17:45-17:55 Franck Fieschi (Institut de Biologie Structurale) A two-component NOX-like system in bacteria is involved in the electron transfer chain to the methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrP
17:55-18:00 Discussion
18:30-20:30 Uglich excursion
21:00-22:30 Dinner


Tuesday July 18, 2017

07:00-08:30 Breakfast
09:00-13:00 Yaroslavl excursion
13:30-15:00 Lunch
Keynote lecture
15:00-15:30 James Watson (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) Stopping Incurable Cancers through Eliminating their Anti-Oxidative Defenses
15:30-15:40 Discussion
Session 5. Techniques in redox biology. Chair Tobias Dick
15:40-16:00 Mehmet Berkmen (New England Biolabs) Production and engineering of antibodies in Shuffle
16:00-16:10 Discussion
16:10-16:30 Vsevolod Belousov (Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry) Redox engineering and imaging
16:30-16:40 Discussion
16:40-17:00 Yimon Aye (Cornell University) Stay On Target: Deconvoluting Mixed Redox Messages through Precision Redox Targeting
17:00-17:10 Discussion
17:10-17:30 Vasily Popov (Voronezh State University) qPCR method for detecting excessive mtDNA damage induced by oxidative stress
17:30-17:40 Discussion
17:40-19:30 Elevator talks + Poster session I + Coffee-break
19:30-21:00 Dinner
21:00-23:00 Free poster session I + Wine


Wednesday July 19, 2017

07:30-09:00 Breakfast
Session 6. Redoxomics. Chair Bertrand Friguet
09:00-09:20 Vadim Gladyshev (Harvard Medical School) Comparative Genomics of Redox Control
09:20-09:30 Discussion
09:30-09:50 Lars Leichert (Ruhr University Bochum) Functional Metagenomics of the Thioredoxin Superfamily
09:50-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:10 Barbara De Smet  (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) The ROS-wave in plants: surfing along the sulfenome
10:10-10:15 Discussion
10:15-10:25 Antonio Cuadrado (Autonomous University of Madrid) NRF2 deficiency in mice replicates transcriptomic alterations found in brain of elderly and Alzheimer’s disease patients and aggravates APP and TAU pathology
10:25-10:30 Discussion
11:00-15:30 Goritsy excursion + Lunch pack
Session 7. Thiol switches. Chair Johannes Herrmann
16:00-16:20 Tobias Dick (German Cancer Research Center) Identifying, understanding and exploiting redox signaling relays
16:20-16:30 Discussion
16:30-16:50 Katja Becker (Justus Liebig University Giessen) Thiol switches as key elements of redox regulation in malaria parasites
16:50-17:00 Discussion
17:00-17:10 Alicia Ortega (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) Reversible oxidation of vicinal-thiols motif in sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium regulatory proteins is involved in muscle fatigue mechanism
17:10-17:15 Discussion
17:15-19:30 Elevator talks + Poster session II + Coffee-break
19:30-21:00 Dinner
21:00-23:00 Free poster session II + Wine


Thursday July 20, 2017

07:30-09:00 Breakfast
Session 8. Redox signals in cardiovascular system. Chair Helmut Sies
09:00-09:20 Massimo Santoro (VIB) Redox Signaling and Metabolism in Angiogenesis
09:20-09:30 Discussion
09:30-09:50 Philip Eaton (King’s College London) Redox regulation of protein kinase G – therapeutic opportunities
09:50-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:20 Francisco Laurindo (University of San Paulo) Roles of Protein Disulfide Isomerases in the Redox Regulation of Vascular Remodeling
10:20-10:30 Discussion
10:30-11:00 Coffee-break
Session 9. Redox signals in pathology. Chair Ivan Bogeski
11:00-11:20 Martin Bergö (Karolinska Institutet) The Role of Antioxidants in Tumor Initiation and Progression
11:20-11:30 Discussion
11:30-11:50 Cristina Furdui (Wake Forest School of Medicine) Translation of Redox Processes From Bench to Bedside
11:50-12:00 Discussion
12:00-12:10 Lin Mantell (St. John’s University)  The redox status of nuclear DAMP HMGB1 in pulmonary disease
12:10-12:15 Discussion
12:15-12:25 Hubert Tse (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Cell surface thiol levels are linked with T cell activation and diabetogenicity
12:25-12:30 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Session 9 (continued). Redox signals in pathology. Chair Lin Mantell
14:00-14:20 Harald Schmidt (Maastricht University) Systems medicine of reactive oxygen-based disease phenotypes and translational proof-of-concepts
14:20-14:30 Discussion
14:30-14:40 Olga Rafikova (University of Arizona) Redox balance and gender-specific medicine
14:40-14:45 Discussion
14:45-14:55 Hedwig Stanisz-Bogeski (Georg August Universität Göttingen)

Calcium, ROS and melanoma
14:55-15:00 Discussion
15:00-15:10 Sinto Sebastian Chirackal (Mayo Clinic) Targeting intracellular H2O2 decomposition capacity for cancer therapy
15:10-15:15 Discussion
15:15-15:25 Tatjana Djukic (Institute of medical and clinical biochemistry, Belgrade) The role of glutathione transferase omega 1 in progression of urinary bladder carcinoma
15:25-15:30 Discussion
15:30-16:00 Coffee-break
Session 10. Redox regulation in immune and neuronal systems. Chair Massimo Santoro
16:00-16:20 Ivan Bogeski (Georg August Universität Göttingen) Calcium and redox signaling: from physiology to pathology
16:20-16:30 Discussion
16:30-16:50 Sophie Vriz (Collège de France) H2O2 signalling in development and regeneration
16:50-17:00 Discussion
17:00-17:20 Carsten Berndt (Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf) Redox-dependent neural differentiation
17:20-17:30 Discussion
18:00-20:30 Kizhi excursion
21:00-23:00 Dinner



Friday July 21, 2017

07:30-09:00 Breakfast
Session 11. Mechanisms of redox mediated signal transduction. Chair Milos Filipovic
09:00-09:20 Albert van der Vliet (University of Vermont) Redox Regulation of Tyrosine Kinases in Health and Disease
09:20-09:30 Discussion
09:30-09:50 Chang Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences) The decay of Redox-stress Response Capacity is a substantive characteristic of aging: Revising the redox theory of aging
09:50-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:20 Roberto Sitia (San Raffaele Scientific Institute) Tuning redox signalling by reversible inhibition of aquaporin permeability
10:20-10:30 Discussion
10:30-10:40 Rinesh Godfrey (University Hospital Münster) Therapeutic modulation of thioredoxin function reverses monocyte dysfunction and restores the impaired collateral remodelling in diabetes mellitus
10:40-10:45 Discussion
10:45-10:55  Ali Ghanem (Heidelberg University) The key gluconeogenesis enzyme FBP1 affects the sensitivity to treatments targeting the cellular RedOx-homeostasis in breast cancer cell-lines
10:55-11:00 Discussion
11:00-11:10  Sara Lavi (Tel Aviv University) Protein phosphatase magnesium dependent 1A, the Janus of microenvironment acts as an immunomodulator
11:10-11:15 Discussion
11:15-11:25 Ju-Hyun Ahn (Ajou University School of Medicine) The inhibition of PP2A activity by H2O2 induces nuclear shape alteration via mislocalization of BAF during mitosis
11:25-11:30 Discussion
12:00-17:30 Mandrogi open air + Barbecue
Session 12. Everyone is tired of redox biology
18:00-19:00 Free time
19:00-19:45 Alexey Payevskiy (Science journalist) Solar System: a close look
20:30-22:00 Dinner


Saturday July 22, 2017

07:00-08:30 Breakfast
Session 13. Metabolism, cell cycle and circadian redox regulation. Chair Vsevolod Belousov
08:30-08:50 Jan Riemer (University of Cologne) Redox regulation and metabolism
08:50-09:00 Discussion
09:00-09:20 Ruslan Rafikov (Arizona Health Science Center) Metabolic landscape of pulmonary hypertension
09:20-09:30 Discussion
09:30-09:40 Bertrand Friguet (Sorbonne Universités) Oxidized protein homeostasis: implication of circadian rhythm, oxidative stress and ageing
09:40-09:45 Discussion
09:45-09:55 Dilyana Kirova (Technische Universität Dresden) Quantitative cell cycle and redox analysis in single living cells reveals a ‘redox cycle’ within the cell cycle
09:55-10:00 Discussion
10:00-10:10 Min-Guk Cho (Ajou University School of Medicine) DNA double-strand breaks and Aurora B mislocalization induced by exposure of early mitotic cells to H2O2 appear to increase chromatin bridges and resultant cytokinesis failure
10:10-10:15 Discussion
10:15-10:25 embo-logo-webYuki Nakamura (Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Taiwan)  EMBO Young Investigator Lecture: Diurnal oscillation of phospholipid unsaturation in plant flowering time control
10:25-10:30 Discussion
10:30-11:00 Coffee-break
Session 14. H2S and polysulfides. Chair Roberto Sitia
11:00-11:20 Ruma Banerjee (University of Michigan) Signaling through Sulfide
11:20-11:30 Discussion
11:30-11:50 Milos Filipovic (IBGC/CNRS) Dimedone-based tag switch method for protein persulfide detection
11:50-12:00 Discussion
12:00-12:10 Jana Reiter (RWTH Aachen University) Allicin from garlic inhibits DNA gyrase activity in bacteria: Allicin as an addition to conventional antibiotics?
12:10-12:15 Discussion
Session 15. Revolution (Redox evolution). Chair Vadim Gladyshev
12:15-12:25 Ana Caroline Gandara (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) Evolutionary origin and function of NOX4-art, an arthropod specific NADPH oxidase
12:25-12:30 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:30-18:30 Valaam excursion
19:00-19:30 Closing remarks + Poster/Elevator prizes
20:00- Dinner + Party


Sunday July 23, 2017

06:30-07:30 Breakfast
08:00-09:00 Arrival to Saint-Petersburg