Venue/cruise schedule

The Symposium will be held on board a comfortable boat "Nikolay Karamzin". The cruise will start in Moscow on July 16, 2017. The cruise route along the Moscow Canal, Volga river, Beloye, Onega & Ladoga lakes includes old Russian towns Uglich, Yaroslavl and Kirillov, islands Kizhi & Valaam. The end point of the cruise is Saint Petersburg. The format of the Conference and the informal atmosphere of the river cruise will stimulate active discussions and links between scholars and will give a brilliant opportunity for the participants to get familiar with the Russian history and nature. A social program for the participants and accompanying persons will include, besides sightseeing and tours on the cruise route, music concerts aboard, and Conference dinner.

Cruise schedule
Place Date Arrival Departure Stay, hours Comments
Moscow 16.07.2017   19:30   Departure from Moscow
Uglich 17.07.2017 18:30 20:30 2  Excursion
Yaroslavl 18.07.2017 09:00 13:00 4  Excursion
Goritsy/Kirillov 19.07.2017 11:00 15:30 4.5  Excursion
Kizhi 20.07.2017 18:00 20:30 2.5  Excursion
Mandrogi 21.07.2017 12:00 17:30 5.5  Open air & barbecue
Valaam 22.07.2017 14:30  18:30  4  Excursion
Saint-Petersburg 23.07.2017 08:00     Arrival to Saint Petersburg

The ship «Nikolay Karamzin»

teploxodThis four-deck comfort ship «Nikolay Karamzin» was built in Germany and equipped with modern navigation equipment. The maximum passenger capacity on board of the ship is 289 passengers and 115 crewmembers.

Passengers have at their disposal: two restaurants, a bar with a dance hall, a panorama bar, an open side porch, a solarium on the sun deck, a meeting room, a reading and music room, medical center and an ironing room.

Passenger accommodation: 1, 2 and 3 berth cabins are available on the boat, middle, main and lower decks. Each cabin includes a bathroom (shower, toilet and washbasin), air-conditioning, fridge, TV and internal phone.

Access to free Wi-Fi is provided in public places on board.

Double cabin


Triple cabin on the lower deck


Panorama bar on the boat deck


Sun deck



kreml   xxs   city


kreml-uglich   uglich-volga   uglich1


   2-yaroslavl   3-yaroslavl


1-goritsy   2-kirillov   3-kirillov


1-kizhi   3-kizhi   2-kizhi


   2-mandrogi   3-mandrogi


1-valaam   2-valaam   3-valaam


1-saint-petersburg   2-saint-petersburg   3-saint-petersburg